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22647 Ventura Blvd.
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Phone: 818-914-4855
Fax: 818-914-4852

Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment with a Notary at The Postal Place Woodland Hills, or are Walk-ins Welcome?

Blogged by The Postal Place WH on September 19, 2015, 7:22 pm

While the notary process is a necessary one, having a document notarized shouldn't derail your entire daily schedule. At The Postal Place Woodland Hills, appointments are not required for notary services. Walk-ins for our notary services are welcome, so that you can complete your notary needs at your convenience.

Having a trusted notary public available to you is a valuable resource when the time inevitably comes to have a document notarized. You might be surprised to learn how very common the notary process is. Medical forms, property deeds, living wills, power of attorney agreements, and long distance contracts are some of the many examples of documents that require the oversight of a notary public. Without proper notarization, these incredibly important documents could be considered invalid.

Having a document notarized is a relatively routine process, but what does a notary public do exactly? What does it mean to have something notarized?

What does a notary public do?
First and foremost, a notary public ensures that important documents—medical forms, power of attorney agreements, wills, etc.—are not fraudulently signed. A notary makes sure that the person signing the document has had his or her identity accurately confirmed, so that the validity of the document is not at stake. The notary also makes sure that those signing the document are mentally aware, and not signing the document under duress. The notary takes an oath to perform these duties without bias or partiality and must ensure that there are no conflicts of interest when they perform their duty.

What kinds of documents need to be notarized?
Many medical and legal documents require professional notarization. Some of these documents include:
  • Living wills
  • Property deeds
  • Power of Attorney Agreements
  • Transfer of assets
  • Documents pertaining to trusts
  • Long distance agreements
  • Medical documents
No matter what kind of document you need notarized, having a trusted and efficient notary public available at your convenience is an indispensible service. The Postal Place Woodland Hills does not require appointments or call-ahead notice; we accept walk-ins, suiting your schedule and guaranteeing your documents are handled professionally.

Sometimes getting a document notarized is a time sensitive endeavor, so having a walk-in ready notary public available in the time frame you require can come in handy when the moment counts. At The Postal Place Woodland Hills, we take great pride in serving the greater San Fernando Valley area, offering notary services with efficiency and accuracy.

The Postal Place Woodland Hills is a foundational part of the San Fernando Valley's local community of small businesses. We serve our friends and neighbors with pride, providing notary services, Live Scan Fingerprinting, personal postal services, and more. We are a proud member of the West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce. Feel free to contact us today with any questions you might have. We can be reached via our website at or by phone at 818-914-4855.

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